Pet shops

It is certain that pet owners want a user-friendly & convenient way to shop pet food & accessories online.

Product subscription

We know your busy schedule & we want to take care of your pet

Centralized shopping experience

Do you have any shop preferences too?

You sell your used stock here!

We have an ideal placement for selling used pet-related items like an aquarium

Huge inventory stock

With huge growth of customer demands, we are confident to serve


In the past days, pet owner like you would have dreamed

Your profile

Yes, its not just your pet alone. You will have your own profile

Schedule meetups

We understand how difficult to connect within your pet community

Get Advice

We know you don't want to experiment anything with your pet

Find your gem

Alert local members of the community to inform that your gem is lost


We facilitate setting up reminders for vaccination, documents expiry

Pet Profile

Pet profiles gives ability to get as deeper information as required

Vet clinic nearby

The habit of researching online for anything becomes very common these days

Customer support

We have a dedicated support team to serve your experience better

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