'Paw'sitive Conversations: Advocating for Pet Welfare with QAWS

05 Aug 2023
Welcome to the first episode of "Paw'sitive Conversations," a podcast dedicated to shedding light on impactful initiatives and inspiring individuals who are making a positive difference in various fields. I am thrilled to introduce our guest for today, Miss Kelly, a dedicated advocate for pet animal welfare. She is an integral part of the Qatar Animal Welfare Society (QAWS) and is passionate about enhancing pet ownership and animal welfare in Qatar. We are truly fortunate to have Miss Kelly join us on this inaugural episode as we explore her journey and insights. Thank you for tuning in to this exciting discussion!

Getting to Know Our Guest:
Host: Thank you so much for being here, Miss Kelly. To begin, could you provide our audience with a brief introduction about yourself and your role at QAWS?

Miss Kelly: Of course, and thank you for having me. I am a committee member at QAWS and have been involved with the organization since its early days in 2004. Originally moving to Doha in 2002, I witnessed the need for animal welfare initiatives, which led to my involvement with QAWS. Over the years, I've been dedicated to the cause and have witnessed its growth and impact on the pet community.

Host: That's truly remarkable, Miss Kelly. Your commitment has played a significant role in QAWS's journey. Speaking of which, could you share how QAWS evolved from its inception to the present day?

Miss Kelly: Certainly. QAWS's journey wasn't premeditated; it began as a response to a dire need. Back in 2003, we started as a boarding facility and unexpectedly took in our first two rescue puppies who were abandoned. This unplanned start led to more and more animals in need, and as word spread about our efforts, QAWS emerged as a dedicated animal welfare organization. Today, QAWS houses and cares for over 360 animals, ranging from dogs and cats to other rescue animals like donkeys, horses, sheep, and goats.

Qatar's Support and Technological Advancements:
Host: It's inspiring how QAWS's journey began from a simple boarding facility to becoming a prominent animal welfare organization. How has Qatar supported QAWS in its mission, and how has technology played a role in your operations?

Miss Kelly: Qatar's support has been crucial, especially as attitudes towards animals and pet ownership have evolved over the years. The country has seen significant development, resulting in improved regulations and resources for pet owners. Technology, particularly social media, has been a game-changer for us. It's allowed us to reach a broader audience, connect with potential adopters, and raise awareness about responsible pet ownership. In fact, without technology and social media, we wouldn't be able to manage our operations as effectively as we do today.

Positive Impact and Future Goals:
Host: That's an excellent point, Miss Kelly. Leveraging technology and social media for a noble cause can indeed yield significant results. Speaking of impact, could you share some success stories or heartwarming moments from your experiences at QAWS?

Miss Kelly: Absolutely. We've had numerous success stories, especially through our collaborations with overseas partner organizations. Dogs that were overlooked here found loving homes abroad, and seeing them thrive in their new environments is incredibly rewarding. We've had dogs participate in agility competitions, adapt well to snowy climates, and become cherished family members. These success stories reaffirm our commitment to the cause and drive us to continue our efforts.

Promoting Responsible Pet Ownership:
Host: It's heartening to hear about these success stories, showcasing the positive outcomes of your endeavors. As we wrap up, do you have any suggestions for individuals or startups looking to contribute to animal welfare or make a positive impact on their communities?

Miss Kelly: Certainly. If you're passionate about animal welfare, start by getting involved in your local animal rescue organizations or shelters. Educate yourself about responsible pet ownership and share that knowledge with others. Consider supporting or collaborating with existing initiatives, as a united effort can lead to more significant change. And remember, small steps can make a big difference—whether it's adopting a pet, volunteering your time, or advocating for animal rights, every action counts.

Closing Thoughts:
Host: Thank you, Miss Kelly, for sharing your insights, experiences, and valuable advice with us today. Your dedication to animal welfare and your role in QAWS's journey are truly inspiring. To our listeners, thank you for joining us on this episode of "Paw'sitive Conversations." Stay tuned for more inspiring discussions in the future, as we continue to highlight positive initiatives and individuals who are making a difference in our world.

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