Pet Friendly Parks in Qatar

23 Jun 2023
Qatar may have certain restrictions on pets in public areas, but there are still some pet-friendly places where you can enjoy quality time with your four-legged companions. The Ministry of Municipality and Environment’s Animal Resources Department has outlined specific locations that welcome pets. Discover these delightful spots and create wonderful memories with your pets in Qatar via My Pet World Qatar

Al Bidda Park – Rumaila Area:

Al Bidda Park, situated in the heart of Corniche, is a paradise for both humans and pets. This expansive park allows pet owners to exercise and walk their dogs as long as the pets remain leashed at all times. It's essential for pet parents to carry bags and cleaning scoops, as these items are not provided in the park. Al Bidda Park is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, making it convenient for pet owners to visit at their preferred time.

The Pearl – Several Areas:

The Pearl, renowned for its beauty and charm, offers an ideal setting for pet walks. Enjoy a leisurely stroll with your pet along Porto Arabia Drive and Qanat Quartier, where you'll be greeted by scenic views. Qanat Quartier, often referred to as the most recommended area for pet parents to reside, even houses a pet store called Furr Camp. Take advantage of the longest sidewalks in the area and relish the experience of exploring The Pearl with your furry friends.

West Bay:

In West Bay, several areas embrace dog walking activities, including the Doha Sports Park located within the Doha Golf Club. The park features top-notch sports facilities and grass pitches lined with palm trees and a picturesque golf course backdrop. It's a popular spot for dog owners to socialise their pets and meet fellow pet parents. Ensure that your pets are always leashed and clean up after them to maintain a pleasant environment for everyone.

Al Wakrah 'Dog Beach':

Located near Souq Wakrah, Al Wakrah 'Dog Beach' is a hidden gem for pet owners. While the beach may not be aesthetically pleasing, it offers ample space for dogs to run, jump, and play off-leash. This open beach provides an opportunity for pets to enjoy the water, especially during low tide when the shallow areas are accessible. Give your furry friends a chance to frolic in the sand and make a splash at Al Wakrah 'Dog Beach.'

Oxygen Park:

Situated in Education City, Oxygen Park is a popular destination for outdoor activities and welcomes leashed dogs. Take a stroll with your pets amidst the lush greenery and well-maintained surroundings. Enjoy the serenity of this park while ensuring the safety and comfort of your pets throughout your visit.

5/6 Park:

Named after the famous '5/6 Arch' monument, the 5/6 Park is a locally-sourced and built park that offers various amenities for visitors. It features shaded areas, playgrounds for kids, art installations, and spaces for exercise and fitness. This park serves as a pet-friendly haven where dogs are allowed on a leash. Explore the beauty of 5/6 Park and let your pets revel in the vibrant atmosphere.

While Qatar has certain restrictions on pets in public areas, there are still several pet-friendly locations where you can enjoy quality time with your furry companions. 

From Al Bidda Park and The Pearl to West Bay and Oxygen Park, these places offer opportunities for leisurely walks and enjoyable outings. Remember to adhere to the rules and regulations, such as keeping your pets leashed and cleaning up after them. 

Embrace the pet-friendly areas in Qatar and create unforgettable moments with your beloved pets. You may order some great collars and leashes from My Pet World Qatar which you use to take your pet for a walk. 

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